Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to learn a little more about me!

I have been DJing in one form or another since the late eighties, progressing with the times from tapes and vinyl to the digital age of CDJs and controllers. Since 2012 I have been making my living as a mobile DJ performing at a huge variety of events from poolside birthdays and cruise ship graduations to gorgeous outdoor weddings and all night corporate celebrations. I feel truly blessed to be able to bring my skill and experience as an entertainment and music specialist to an event and work towards creating the most engaging and memorable occasion possible.

Part of the reason I love what I do is that I am always being exposed to new music. At every school dance or swinging soiree there will be at least one person who teaches me about a new song, artist, label or DJ. And yet, while a respect for all music is important for any selector, along my musical journey I have become particularly fond of the sounds of ska, soul, rock n roll, reggae, funk, punk and hip-hop. I also very much enjoy jazz, disco and drum n bass… and Zappa.

In addition to being a working mobile DJ, I am also a musician who plays guitar, trumpet and percussion and can most often be found jamming with the Vancouver reggae-rock band Heads Hang Heavy. A performer at heart, I have always been drawn to the possibilities of exploring scratching and controllerism in my DJ sets - something I love to do when I get the chance to perform as DJ Freshleecut at a bar, party, club or festival.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for some amazing and influential teachers and mentors along the way, so nothing could be more rewarding for me than to pass my experience onto other students interested in music. Since 2000 I have been doing private DJ lessons at my home studio and look forward to finding new venues in the future to work with students of all ages.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about my services or if you’d just like to chat about the vision you have for your upcoming wedding, youth or corporate event. I very much enjoy being part of the planning early in the process as it allows me to help you make the most of your entertainment - so please don’t be shy about getting in touch!